517 Pack: Liquors & Sparkling Wines made in sicily;
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   the Phoenicians made Sicilian wines the protagonists of trade in the Mediterranean. we Garden Sicily make your life richer in flavor and smell thanks to our gift compositions; in elegant wooden suitcases complete with tasting accessories and with the best Sicilian wines we are committed to select among YOU, WINES, LIQUIDS AND SPORTS OF our beloved Region!
Set da Sommelier , Scatola porta Vino

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GPB.£ 27,14 / US$ 33,04
Set Sommelier : Wine box with accessories
Bottle holder, mahogany color , with: Wine Bottle Drip Rings, Plug with pourer, He
Set 2 bottiglie di Vino DOC + Scacchiera

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GPB.£ 53,36 / US$ 64,96

Set 2 Bottles of Wine DOC wth Chessboard
2 Bottles of Sicilian Wine In Wood Bottle Holder; with checkers and chessboard.
zone: Vinidama
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