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Crema Veleno D  Api per Viso - BEE LIFTING - ANTIRUGHE

sku: 5921
GPB.£ 29,26 / US$ 35,62 +++++
Beeswax Cream for Face Bee Lifting Wrinkle Anti-Aging
Natural bee-based product, BEE LIFTING FACE CREAM (Avoids aesthetic surgery, it is advisable to spread only on wrinkles
  To counteract the signs of age, the last remedy of beauty is natural!And without any pain! - Bee poison controls the facial muscles,increases blood circulation with volumizing delicacy and skin firmness.Melitine,which is the main ingredient in a cream, is able to deceive the skin and trigger some skin mechanisms as if it were actually pointed by a bee.
  oz.1.76 (gr.50)
Siero al Veleno d  Api - BEE LIFTING - Antirughe

sku: 5922
GPB.£ 6,62 / US$ 8,06 +++++
Serum to Bee Poison BEE LIFTING Anti- Aging, Natural product
Concentrated serum for the face. It has the same effects as botulins, but without bites, only wrinkles should be spread;
  It is recommended: To pass it once a day ! Melitine, which is the main ingredient in a cream, is able to deceive the skin and trigger some skin mechanisms as if it were actually pointed by a bee: it increases the blood flow to the treated area, With an increase in the production of collagen and elastin, the two substances that create a kind of support scaffold for the skin.
  ml.10 / fl oz.0.338
Crema Viso ANTI ACNE - BRUFOLI - estratto Bava di Lumaca

sku: 5857
GPB.£ 25,76 / US$ 31,36 ++++
Face cream , Anti Acne / pimples. With Blossom of Snail
Natural product (effect: disappearing pimples, stretch marks and ideal for facial cleansing) by Snail of Etna
  ..to spread directly on the face! Manual extraction method without damaging the snails, Ideal for teenagers! Ideal for mixed and fatty skins. - Also effective on stretch marks (Still red) And for the care of hands. - Ingredients: vitamin A/E ,antioxidants, JOJOBA OIL, Shea butter, and 80% Snail snack, Extracted by hand!
  oz.1.76 (gr.50)
KIT Beauty: Crema Bava di Lumaca + Siero Veleno d’Api

sku: 5456
GPB.£ 28,98 / US$ 35,28 ++++++
Beauty kit: Snail Blossom Cream 50ml + Serum Bee Poison 10ml
In gift: Serum doser! This kit will give your skin a new life, Which will come back fresh, smooth and elastic.
  How to use: Apply in the morning and evening on perfectly dry face and neck;
Apply by performing circular movements; First apply the serum, wait for ten minutes and then pass the cream! You will notice your wrinkles get tired!
  oz.1.76 (gr.50)

sku: 7481
GPB.£ 26,22 / US$ 31,92 ++++

  ml.50 / fl oz.1.69
Crema Viso BEE LIFTING - ANTIRUGHE con Veleno D’api

sku: 5377
GPB.£ 34,96 / US$ 42,56
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Anti Age Face Cream with Bee poison, Natural product, LIFTING
It has the same momentary effects as bites, but no bite to do, it just needs to spread on wrinkles.
  To counteract the signs of age, the last remedy of beauty is natural. The result is a brighter, younger and polished skin , Thanks to the beneficial effect on bee poison on the skin !
  oz.1.76 (gr.50)
Cosmesi Saponetta vegetale al MIELE - 150g

sku: 5676
GPB.£ 4,05 / US$ 4,93
Cosmetics. HONEY Vegetable soap - 150gr
Soap based on vegetable oils with Honey. Directions: Emollient, elasticizing, nutrient and hydrating.
  The properties of honey make this soap particularly appropriate for sensitive and dry skin.
-attentions: Product subject to natural weight loss.
  oz.5.28 (gr.150)
Cosmesi Saponetta vegetale al PROPOLIS - 150gr

sku: 5678
GPB.£ 2,76 / US$ 3,36
Cosmetics. Vegetable Soap With PROPOLIS - 150gr
Ideal for irritated, easily irritable or impure skins.
  Excellent decongestant and softener, combats irritations, acne and redness. -attentions: Product subject to natural weight loss.
  oz.5.28 (gr.150)
Cosmesi Saponetta vegatale PAPPA REALE - 150gr

sku: 5679
GPB.£ 2,76 / US$ 3,36
Cosmetics. Vegetable soap with Royal Jelly - 150gr
Soap made from vegetable oils WITH Royal Jelly. For cleaning and care of fine and delicate skins.
  This soap is: Emollient, nutritious and moisturizing. -attentions: Product subject to natural weight loss.
Crema viso alla PAPPA REALE - ANTI AGE

sku: 5682
GPB.£ 26,22 / US$ 31,92
Face Cream To the Royal Jelly, Anti age
is: Nutritive, hydrating and Anti-Age ( Anti-Aging )
  To counteract the signs of age, the last remedy of beauty is natural: But, quiet, it does not hurt !!!
  oz.1.76 (gr.50)
Stick Labbra alla Propolis. Protettivo.

sku: 5683
GPB.£ 6,44 / US$ 7,84
Stick Lips to Propolis. PROTECTIVE. Lip care stick
Balm / Butter In stick , For perfect and protected lips. Moistures and Nourishes lips !
  _ Artisan with organic ingredients. Description: Emollient and nutritious, gives instant comfort to dry lips, sensitive to the action of wind, sun, and atmospheric agents. Propoli-based formula with precious antioxidant and protective virtues, it protects the beauty of the lips in any situation. Keep it alive with you and use it every time you want to give your lips soft.Great even before lipstick
Stick Labbra alla PAPPA REALE. Nutriente

sku: 5684
GPB.£ 6,44 / US$ 7,84
Stick Lips to Royal jelly. Moistures and Nourishes lips
Pure nourishment for the lips with Royal Jelly, this balm protects against external aggressions for soft, velvety lips.
  lip care stick.. contains vitamins, copper and iron and also antibacterial substances; It is a real touch for the skin and especially for the lips. Apply daily to promote compactness and softness, nourishes by protecting the wind, sun and cold action, and visibly attenuates the first lines of dehydration of the lip contour.
Crema al SIERO DI VIPERA Etnea , Viso BEE LIFTING Antirughe

sku: 5856
GPB.£ 28,98 / US$ 35,28 +++++
Cream of Poison of Viper, Snake venum Serum by Viper of Etna
Bee Lifting , Anti age. Is a Natural product! The serum of the Etna Viper Is the most suitable poison for this treatment
  Treatment Anti-Age-Skin smooth and invigorating-Nickel free-Made in Sicily. - This cream gives momentary effects similar to surgical bites. - because: It inhibits muscle contractions to eliminate and limit the appearance of wrinkles. It has an immediate tensor effect and is recommended for both mature and younger skin. - This cream is able to reduce expression wrinkles!
  oz.1.76 (gr.50)